Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How did I miss summer?

 After finally entering my blog site after what felt like a couple of occurred to me that I missed the ENTIRE SUMMER! WHOOPS! I guess that I have been so busy having a good time that it just got overlooked.

We spent some time at the ocean with our extended family. It was great! We went to Pacific Beach on the Coast...we even brought our dog! Needless to say, Baxter really enjoyed himself playing fetch like a crazy person and chasing after our kite. I think that if Baxter had the choice, he would like on the beach every moment of his life!

Aaron was "master" of the kite
Elijah found cool sand bugs
Ariana got dirty!
...Look at those cute kids eating crackers!
Elijah and cousin Brenna building a castle. ...or Elijah knocking it down!
The kids had fun too! It was fun to see them interact with each other and with the rest of the family.

We also spent some time at Greenlake where Ariana showed off her cool dance moves! And Elijah shower us how "frog-like" he really is!

...more summer pics and fun to come!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What am I grateful for?

On days like today, (when you want to sell your kid on ebay for being an ABSOLUTE STINKER...not to mention LIVING in time-out and crying more than a newborn baby!) I think it is important to remember what we are grateful for. Why do I continue to do this day in and day out (aside from my genetic obligation)

1. Today Elijah got our attention chanting, "okay, quiet everyone" then proceeded to clap three times followed by a fast spin/jump/fall dance move! (Really cute!)

2. While playing play-dough Elijah DESTROYED my very cool circle shaped piece of artwork. (covered in a neat diamond montage) I then walked away saying that if he was going to destroy what I was playing with, I didn't want to play anymore. I think Elijah could tell that I was a little sad so he came over to me, gave me a really big hug and said, "I am so sorry mom! I Love you!"

3. One of my favorite "mindless x-box games" is zuma. I was playing for a couple of minutes when Eli came by and wanted to play. My 3 year old ROCKED IT! I can't believe how well he could use the controller and match the colors. I am SO PROUD of him!

4. Ariana and I had some alone time this morning (the boys were on a trip into Aaron's work). I am so in love with that little girl. She is learning so much everyday. She does really cute dance moves, she smiles BIG, her "language" is fun and interesting to watch (she gestures as she speak too...very cute!) She is finally old enough to spend some time in Nursery at church. I cannot believe how fast she is growing. I am so thankful that I have this sweet little GIRL!

5. Sometimes the kids tag team on aaron by climbing up on his lap and taking turns head-butting him! HAHAHA!

6. When I really needed a break today, Aaron let me sneak away to soak in a bath. I grabbed my i-pod, turned on Norah Jones and read a magazine. Sometimes it just helps to step away from the "yuck" and soak. Thanks Aaron for being such a sweetheart!

7. Oh! I also got to sleep in until 7:30 am this morning! That was nice...

8. There was a potluck at church this afternoon...I am so thankful that I didn't have to add, "cook dinner" to the crazy of my day.

9. This morning Aaron and I decided to stay home for part of church to give Eli a much needed nap (before a 3 hour church session) When I told Eli how this was going down, initially he lost it. He was really mad! Finally he calmed down and I was sitting with him helping him to fall asleep. The crying stopped but he had this sad little frown that would sneak up occasionally  with some sad whimpers. When I asked him what was wrong, he said that he just really wanted to go to primary. I am grateful that Elijah loves church so much that he would be sad about missing it. (sounds kind of weird I know but...I would hate to force him to go) I then promised him that if he took a quick little nap we could make it to church just in time for primary.

10. Have I mentioned how much I love my little family?! Aaron and I work so well together. I love him so much! I am grateful that we have the opportunity to raise these two little "aaron clones" together. They really are cute, fun, good kids (despite the occasional yuck!) It is such a neat experience to see both of them grow and mature and learn. Yeah for family! really is true what they say. If you spend a couple of minutes focusing on all of the things that you are grateful for, you forget about the other stuff. (well...not forget know what I mean) What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weathering the storm (almost)

A few weeks back, Elijah was given a cup in primary which he filled with dirt and planted 2 small sunflower seeds, Following church this day, the cup was given to me and we told Elijah that we would water it and wait for it to grow. After about 1 hour Elijah came running back to the cup looking for the plant. It had not grown yet. This surprised him. I told him that plants need water, sunshine, soil, and time to grow. We cannot expect this little seed to burst through the soil after merely a few hours/minutes. I told him that we would continue to take care of it and eventually it would grow. A few days passed and before we knew it the plant had grown tall. So tall in fact that it was beginning to lean to one side (in search of the sun) so we put it outside.

Then there was a big windstorm...

The cup was knocked to the ground. The plant was torn from the cup and left to die. Unfortunately as this was happening, my family and I went out of town so we did not discover the plant for a couple of days following the windstorm. Elijah saw it first. He called to me and showed me what had happened. I quickly picked up the plant (which was limp and obviously dying/dead) put it back in the cup, added new soil and water and prepared Elijah for the worst. I told him that we would try everything that we could to help the plant get better but that it was probably not going to make it. Sometimes plants die. The poor little plants were hanging lifelessly over the sides of the cup--I thought it was too late. This plant could not weather the storm, it was just to small and lacked the support it needed to grow.

To my surprise, after a little TLC and some time, the plants started to perk up. After about 1 hour the stem of the plants had gone from withered to "fattening" but the leaves still appeared dead. After about 3 hours the leaves began to take their regular shape. After 4 hours the plant once again stood tall, leaves plump and in tact, once again leaning in search of the sun. This time, Elijah and I quickly grabbed some small sticks, placed them in the dirt near the base of the plant and attached the plants carefully to the sticks. This was to act as a support system for the plants. It would help them to gorw up straight and tall,

It may seem silly that I am recounting this story. But what a huge effect it has had on me. How often do we feel that we cannot weather the storm? Have you ever been thrown around by external conditions and left to "die" feeling only that you are too small? Not ready? Unprepared?

Just like this plant, we too can be saved. It is never too late. Given a little TLC and some time we can once again grow strong in search of the sun. This time, we know better. This time, we will grasp at a support system to help us to stand tall and grow upright.

This plant was intended as a lesson on testimonies/faith in God. I have always enjoyed the section in the Book of Mormon that relates our Faith to a small seed. . Never before has this lesson had such a huge impact on my heart. I feel so strongly now that once our faith has begun to grow--it may be knocked down not because it was a bad seed (because, remember it had begun to grow strong) but because of external forces. But it is never too late. We can be saved.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crazy Day!

It is funny to me that when the sunshine comes out, everyone heads for the door! ...myself included! Aaron announced to me last night that the weather was going to be great so immediately we started planning for our day. Zoo followed by Ikea followed by...? Now if we could move a little faster in the morning to get out of the house a little quicker. (that would be golden!)

By 10:00 we were on our way to the zoo. We found street parking (avoided the parking fees), have a membership pass, and brought our lunch so all in all this was a relatively free outing! WAHOO! All of us had a blast. Because of the sun all of the animals were outside moving around and doing cool animal things. We saw a HUGE brown bear just chillin' next to the water. SO COOL! Then we saw the giraffe, zebra and other safari animals out and about (usually when we go they are hiding) That was neat!  Towards the end of our trip we stopped at the outside play area. It was cute to see Elijah and Ariana play together (sort of) They both love the spider web and the caves!

Once we were done with the zoo we headed directly to Ikea on a mission. A few weeks back I bought some items for our bedroom that did not work. I wanted to return them before my 90 days were up. The plan was to eat lunch and then let Elijah play in the smaland  (sp?) with the balls while aaron and I did some shopping. Well, Ikea was packed! play area for Elijah (the wait was way too long) :-( This turned our fun shopping trip into aaron and I shopping while the kids went crazy in the cart. Let me explain... Some kids get quiet when they are tired. My kids get crazy, unpredictable and needy. Fun to watch! (most of the time) My favorite part was when Elijah starts wiggling like crazy announcing that he has to poop. (We had just come back from a potty trip) Once I asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom he freaks out! (Elijah is afraid that public pottys will flush him if he sits on them) (In his defense, they did once! ...a story for another time) So to avoid the poop Eli begs Aaron to let him sit on his shoulders. He gets on the shoulders and he is still wiggling like a crazy person but...the potty trip was avoided! Overall it was a fun and exhausting trip.

Now home. If only it was bedtime and I could put the kids immediately to bed. I am tired!

Monday, March 1, 2010

How do "super mom's" do it?

Super moms! You know the type. You walk into their house and there is organization emanating from every angle of the house. There are chore charts, FHE charts, the floors are clean, the walls are spotless and there is a mysterious sweet smell filling the rooms. HOW DO THEY DO IT!?

I try. I feel like I am always cleaning, cooking, folding, entertaining, cleaning, cooking, folding....etc. and to top it off I am always attempting to think of new ideas to make my house run smoother but still, at the end of the day laundry is spilling out of the basket waiting to be folded, dishes are in the sink waiting to be cleaned up from dinner and don't even get me started on the bathrooms! AH! We haven't even touched on paying the bills AND dropping them off in the mailbox.

My question is there ever a moment where a mom looks at day to day life and says,"I've got this all figured out!?"

Don't get me wrong. My kids are great! Elijah is a good kid (most of the time) and Ariana is well...cute. Also, my house isn't disgusting. it is mostly clean is not "super mom" clean. I am just too tired/lazy/would rather do other things to put in the time necessary for this organization. Maybe there is something I am missing. Does anyone have a quick trick to become a mom superhero?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome Back Rosanna!

I have been thinking lately that time is passing so quickly! My baby girl (who when I last posted was just months old) is now walking, talking and picking on her older brother! And Elijah...well don't even get me started on how much he has grown. I am afraid that if I don't start writing my thoughts down then I will forget them. So here we go, back to the blogging world. If you would like to read, please do! Leave comments as well, that would be fun!

So, after a full afternoon of playing and running errands, Aaron and I thought it would be fun to go out to Olive Garden. We realized that the last time we were in the restaurant Eli was weeks old. Elijah was born on November 7th and for my November 29 birthday Aaron and I went there to celebrate. That was the first time that we realized just how much our life had changed by adding a baby to the mix. I spent the most of the time in the bathroom nursing the baby and aaron sat by himself at the table. When I could, I would come sit down and try to eat but...then the baby would get sad :-( Well last night, was not much different! Initially, things were great. Elijah helped to order his food and Ariana was coloring (and eating her crayons) but then Elijah had to go potty. I got up and helped him to the potty. When we got back, Ariana needed to nurse. I immediately grabbed her and went (again) to the bathroom. As we got back to the table, Elijah decides to halt eating bread (the main course had not come yet) and wait for his food. This made him complain that his tummy was hurting because he was, "so hungry" I told him to eat bread but he wanted to wait. Ariana was getting so tired she now had decided she needed to sit on me and spread her body out to cover every area of free space on my body! (Have you ever tried to eat with a LARGE growth covering your is interesting!) Finally the food comes and the first thing that Elijah does is complain that it looks like there is pepper on his shrimp (we special ordered shrimp with the fettuccine because Eli needed shrimp) Oh, that is Elijah new thing, if he sees anything that looks like black specks on his food, he refuses to eat it claiming that it is "spicy" We assured him that it was just leaves and not pepper but aaron (being a nice dad) begin to wipe off the shrimp stripping it of all "spicy" Now, Elijah is not eating! AHH! He is looking very closely at his noodles and dissecting every ingredient.  Ariana has stopped eating as well and is once again sitting with me. All the while, Aaron and I are trying to eat our food quickly. Finally food is almost gone (except for Elijah's which remains untouched) and it is time for boxes. The nice waitress takes each of our plates one at a time and puts it in boxes for us...and then she gets to Eli's. He starts crying! (I think he thought she was going to steal his food) So we just take a box for his. The trip ended with me paying and Elijah, once again, going potty! So, here is my question to you...where did the romance of a restaurant go? Aaron and I used to go out on dates to Olive Garden. We would take our time, have interesting conversations, and just enjoy each others company. Never did we leave unsatisfied or questioning our decision to come. Last night the final question as we were leaving the restaurant, "was it worth it?!"

Of course it was worth it. It was interesting and fun in its own right. Together we make a great family and aaron and I make a great team! Sometimes I just wish there were more of those, "dating moments"

Anyways, thanks for listening quiet abyss of the internet!