Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My secret plan to get new flooring...

Are you tired of looking at your old, dirty, floors? Do you wish that you could upgrade but just do not have the money to do so? I have the solution for you!

Here is how I did it:
1) Puncture the water main immediately under your house
2) Crack the concrete underneath your flooring (a small hairline fracture will do the job)
3) Wait as the water slowly gets absorbed by the plastic moisture barrier, padding underneath the laminate flooring and ultimately begins causing visible water damage to your (not so old) laminate flooring.

Once the leak has been detected you will have no option but to tear out the flooring, dig into the concrete, repair the pipe, pour new concrete and finally REPLACE YOUR OLD, DIRTY FLOORS! WAHOO!

True story! Trust works! I am living it right now as we speak.

On the upside, at least I do not have to pay for all of the repairs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Felt like a teenager today

When was the last time that you woke up in bed snuggled next to your husband WITHOUT kids climbing on you or asking you for food/movies/etc? This morning I woke up slowly. I got the stretch. It was past 7:00 am.

That was nice....

One other comment. I was up last night planning for Disneyland when my brother asked me to help him find the same deal that I got. I checked online and in just 2 days my trip has gone from $1700 to $2000. I am SO grateful that I purchased when I did! I can't believe that airline prices can change so much overnight. That seems just mean and unfair!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here is what I am thinking

With today being General Conference...I spent a good part of my morning planted on the couch listening to the inspired words of our prophets. In between children climbing all over me, coloring pictures (given to Elijah by the primary) and poking Aaron in an effort to get him to stop snoring I was impressed by the "in-tune" nature of their words in relation to my life. First there was the tithing talk. See Aaron and I were really good about paying tithing until shortly after we had Elijah. Financial it was a bit of a transition for us and we missed a couple of months. When we went in to our tithing settlement that year our Bishop did not offer much encouragement. Instead I left feeling kind of bullied and reprimanded. I know I shouldn't let that impact my choices. I KNOW that paying tithing is a blessing. I KNOW! But when times are tough and you have a husband who is not used to paying 10% of his income to the church it can be kind of a struggle to have the faith necessary to do so. So the tithing talk was good for me...truly inspired and needed.

Then there was the talk about temples. I love the temple. Being raised in the church has instilled in me the wonderful nature of temples--if I remain worthy, I will be able to live with my family forever! As I am getting older and I unfortunately get to experience the unfair, randomness of life I am comforted by that thought. I can be with my family forever. As people pass I know that I can continue my relationship with them after this life. Also, I know that the relationship that i have with Aaron is better because we were married in the temple. We are both (mostly) working towards the same goal. For me, this means to live my life in a way that is pleasing to Heavenly Father. I want to always be someone that he can be proud of--making positive choices, helping others, teaching my children correct principles, doing my best to follow Him, etc. Aaron's details may vary slightly but together we can be better overall. Also, because we were married in the temple we are STUCK. TOGETHER. FOREVER! This eternal perspective makes a difference when we are having disagreements.

One other thought I had about the temple was...why don't I go more often!? Too often I let things get in the way of going to the temple (that is 40 minutes away). I need to work harder at this...

One of my favorite talks overall was the one about taking the time to form relationships, spending time together, listening and acting on the advice of our spouse. (Okay...maybe that wasn't the intended message but that is what I took out of it) I appreciated the story of the husband who came home to the wife handwashing all of the laundry because the washer was broken. His immediate response was to fix the washer in an effort to help his wife but she instead asked him to go and play with his children. He did and enjoyed the time he had to be with his children but said he would not have remembered that moment if it were not for what happened later in the evening when his little girl gave him a big hug and said he was her "best friend" That was touching to me because so often I feel like I am running errands, cleaning house, doing the "responsible things"...maybe I should have more moments being a true friend to my family. I just love the sweet/crazy little personalities blooming in Elijah and Ariana. I hope they will always look to be as a friend (who sometimes has to be a little mean providing direction/discipline)

On another note..I am always getting weeping when I hear about couples leaving secret messages for each other (on a mirror, in scriptures, etc.) My question is this...WHERE ARE MY SECRET MESSAGES?! Aside from the occasional husband is lacking in the "secret message department..." Does this get better with age? Will Aaron turn 30 and all of a sudden have the urge to be sweet via messaging? Any advice/insight on this subject would be great!

Final note: DISNEYLAND MAY31-JUNE 4! I cannot wait. Any pointers?