Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My secret plan to get new flooring...

Are you tired of looking at your old, dirty, floors? Do you wish that you could upgrade but just do not have the money to do so? I have the solution for you!

Here is how I did it:
1) Puncture the water main immediately under your house
2) Crack the concrete underneath your flooring (a small hairline fracture will do the job)
3) Wait as the water slowly gets absorbed by the plastic moisture barrier, padding underneath the laminate flooring and ultimately begins causing visible water damage to your (not so old) laminate flooring.

Once the leak has been detected you will have no option but to tear out the flooring, dig into the concrete, repair the pipe, pour new concrete and finally REPLACE YOUR OLD, DIRTY FLOORS! WAHOO!

True story! Trust works! I am living it right now as we speak.

On the upside, at least I do not have to pay for all of the repairs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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