Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crazy Day!

It is funny to me that when the sunshine comes out, everyone heads for the door! ...myself included! Aaron announced to me last night that the weather was going to be great so immediately we started planning for our day. Zoo followed by Ikea followed by...? Now if we could move a little faster in the morning to get out of the house a little quicker. (that would be golden!)

By 10:00 we were on our way to the zoo. We found street parking (avoided the parking fees), have a membership pass, and brought our lunch so all in all this was a relatively free outing! WAHOO! All of us had a blast. Because of the sun all of the animals were outside moving around and doing cool animal things. We saw a HUGE brown bear just chillin' next to the water. SO COOL! Then we saw the giraffe, zebra and other safari animals out and about (usually when we go they are hiding) That was neat!  Towards the end of our trip we stopped at the outside play area. It was cute to see Elijah and Ariana play together (sort of) They both love the spider web and the caves!

Once we were done with the zoo we headed directly to Ikea on a mission. A few weeks back I bought some items for our bedroom that did not work. I wanted to return them before my 90 days were up. The plan was to eat lunch and then let Elijah play in the smaland  (sp?) with the balls while aaron and I did some shopping. Well, Ikea was packed! play area for Elijah (the wait was way too long) :-( This turned our fun shopping trip into aaron and I shopping while the kids went crazy in the cart. Let me explain... Some kids get quiet when they are tired. My kids get crazy, unpredictable and needy. Fun to watch! (most of the time) My favorite part was when Elijah starts wiggling like crazy announcing that he has to poop. (We had just come back from a potty trip) Once I asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom he freaks out! (Elijah is afraid that public pottys will flush him if he sits on them) (In his defense, they did once! ...a story for another time) So to avoid the poop Eli begs Aaron to let him sit on his shoulders. He gets on the shoulders and he is still wiggling like a crazy person but...the potty trip was avoided! Overall it was a fun and exhausting trip.

Now home. If only it was bedtime and I could put the kids immediately to bed. I am tired!


sariqd said...

What a GREAT day! :)

My Cranium said...

And Aaron didn't mind having a wiggling Eli on his shoulders? LOL That would make me a little nervous!
I didn't realize there was a way to avoid the dratted parking fees at the zoo! I'll have to check it out.