Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome Back Rosanna!

I have been thinking lately that time is passing so quickly! My baby girl (who when I last posted was just months old) is now walking, talking and picking on her older brother! And Elijah...well don't even get me started on how much he has grown. I am afraid that if I don't start writing my thoughts down then I will forget them. So here we go, back to the blogging world. If you would like to read, please do! Leave comments as well, that would be fun!

So, after a full afternoon of playing and running errands, Aaron and I thought it would be fun to go out to Olive Garden. We realized that the last time we were in the restaurant Eli was weeks old. Elijah was born on November 7th and for my November 29 birthday Aaron and I went there to celebrate. That was the first time that we realized just how much our life had changed by adding a baby to the mix. I spent the most of the time in the bathroom nursing the baby and aaron sat by himself at the table. When I could, I would come sit down and try to eat but...then the baby would get sad :-( Well last night, was not much different! Initially, things were great. Elijah helped to order his food and Ariana was coloring (and eating her crayons) but then Elijah had to go potty. I got up and helped him to the potty. When we got back, Ariana needed to nurse. I immediately grabbed her and went (again) to the bathroom. As we got back to the table, Elijah decides to halt eating bread (the main course had not come yet) and wait for his food. This made him complain that his tummy was hurting because he was, "so hungry" I told him to eat bread but he wanted to wait. Ariana was getting so tired she now had decided she needed to sit on me and spread her body out to cover every area of free space on my body! (Have you ever tried to eat with a LARGE growth covering your is interesting!) Finally the food comes and the first thing that Elijah does is complain that it looks like there is pepper on his shrimp (we special ordered shrimp with the fettuccine because Eli needed shrimp) Oh, that is Elijah new thing, if he sees anything that looks like black specks on his food, he refuses to eat it claiming that it is "spicy" We assured him that it was just leaves and not pepper but aaron (being a nice dad) begin to wipe off the shrimp stripping it of all "spicy" Now, Elijah is not eating! AHH! He is looking very closely at his noodles and dissecting every ingredient.  Ariana has stopped eating as well and is once again sitting with me. All the while, Aaron and I are trying to eat our food quickly. Finally food is almost gone (except for Elijah's which remains untouched) and it is time for boxes. The nice waitress takes each of our plates one at a time and puts it in boxes for us...and then she gets to Eli's. He starts crying! (I think he thought she was going to steal his food) So we just take a box for his. The trip ended with me paying and Elijah, once again, going potty! So, here is my question to you...where did the romance of a restaurant go? Aaron and I used to go out on dates to Olive Garden. We would take our time, have interesting conversations, and just enjoy each others company. Never did we leave unsatisfied or questioning our decision to come. Last night the final question as we were leaving the restaurant, "was it worth it?!"

Of course it was worth it. It was interesting and fun in its own right. Together we make a great family and aaron and I make a great team! Sometimes I just wish there were more of those, "dating moments"

Anyways, thanks for listening quiet abyss of the internet!


Packer Family said...

HaHa! I've given up on taking the boys to any nice resturants! We go to super salad, or subway and very occasionally Red Robin. They do well in those places. Then save the nice places for date night:) P.S. Glad you are back! Pictures please:)

My Cranium said...

I agree - going to restaurants with kids that age feels so pointless! Especially when they don't even eat their food. :(
Good for you for seeing the bright side anyway!

katieanne said...

ha! that's the truth... we almost never go out anymore - though once lucas turned about 16 months it got a little better... of course today was bad, but we gotta look at the bright side, right?
hope you write lots more!

Brian said...

I'm so glad you're back!!!