Sunday, August 31, 2008

Toddler bed sleeping, prayer saying Elijah

I am so proud of Elijah....and amazed at how quickly he is growing. He really is a big boy now!!

In my efforts to get ready for baby #2, I decided it was time to get Eli adjusted to sleeping in a big boy bed. So we went to goodwill and found a really cute IKEA bed for $7, bought new big boy bedding (including the ever-cool pillow) and changed the room around to make a special "eli space" After everything was set up--I tried naptime in the bed (VERY SUCCESSFUL), and then bedtime. To my surprise, the transition to the new bed was very smooth. Elijah LOVES his new bed!! It is very cute...

One a new note....Eli has begun talking LIKE CRAZY! He copies everything that we say, and he is pretty good at saying most of it. With this I thought, "Oh wouldn't it be fun if he could say his own prayers!" So we tried. I tell him what to say, and Elijah copies me (in his very proud "big boy voice") He is so proud of himself for saying his own prayers. He smiles BIG everytime that we finish. Good Job Eli!

It occured to me the other day, that I am not recording this new pregnancy as well as I should be. With Eli, I had a special "belly book" to record my thoughts/changes, AND I always knew exactly how far along I was, the growth of the baby etc... With this one, NOTHING! Poor baby #2... With that said, let me record a few of my thoughts.

I am officially (almost) 23 weeks pregnant. We have had our ultrasound and still do not know the sex of the baby--although my "mother instinct" is saying a....Girl? I say this because there are a lot of real differences between this baby and Elijah. This baby moves around quite a bit (especially at night), my cravings are very different, and I am carrying this one differently. (higher? lower? I can't remember...) As far as names are concerned, nothing really set yet. I like the name Ava Corene if it is a girl, aaron likes Leonitus if it is a boy. Needless to say, no agreement on the name. Any suggestions?

I love being pregnant, and I feel great. To tell you the truth, aside from getting bigger every second, I forget that I am pregnant...until the baby moves or I have to pee.

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