Monday, August 25, 2008

International Kite Festival

We headed to Long Beach over the weekend to attend the International Kite Festival. WOW! What a cool event! (Aside from the LONG drive...) I have never seen so many kites in my life AND the variety/size of the kites was amazing. One gentleman was flying 3 fighter plane kites simultaneously. It looked like the real thing--he could do some neat tricks.
Aside from the kites, there were the normal coast activities available--horses, sand, waves, sun, etc. Elijah had so much fun playing in the water. He would grab a handful of sand/mud, run as fast as he could to the nearest wave and throw it in, then he would quickly run away from the water (to avoid getting swallowed by the BIG waves). He has also recently discovered the joys of running fast. So Eli loved just running on the sand (chasing grandma/grandpa).
With his current fascination of horses and riding them, we took him to the look at the horses. The owner was nice enough to bring out a small horse (or mule...) named 'Cody." Eli got to sit on the horse and pet him. It was very cool! Next time, we will do pony rides...

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