Thursday, April 17, 2008

too much to do and not enough stickers to go around...

I have come to the conclusion that women (mommies?) need more hours in the day and more hands to accomplish all that needs to get done.

I feel like every morning I am waking up with the "to-list" and somehow between working, taking care of eli, cleaning the house, running errands, cooking, walking the dog... my list remains untouched. Aaron and I purchased our condo last year (LAST YEAR!!??) and there are so many little projects that I would like to complete around the house to make it better: paint the bathroom, redo elijahs room into "big boy room" repaint doors that are supposed to be white, finish putting pictures up around the house, organize kitchen cabinets... (and the list goes on and on and on and on.....) It feels like I do not get anything done!! AHHH!!!

okay with that said, I will move on to a proud moment! After weighing in at weightwatchers yesterday I have officially lost 18.2 pounds and 10% of my starting weight! WAHOO!!! What a proud moment to step and the scale and to have lost that kind of weight in 12 weeks. I never thought that would happen (and I can't believe that 12 weeks ago I was walking around with that much extra weight around my bootie) Wish me luck...I hope to continue on my weight loss journey, until I am am pregnant, and to eventually loose an additional 14 pounds.

Until next time...

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