Friday, March 30, 2012

Have I told you what a great family I have?

I know that I don't do a lot of blogging. I guess I have never been very good at the whole journaling thing. But lately I have been feeling so appreciative for all that I have and who that I have to share it with.

When Elijah entered our lives so long ago, I had no idea what kind of a person he was going to grow into. He has such a fun, confident personality. Sure he talks ALL THE TIME but to be honest...I bet I was that way too when I was little. He may not look anything like me but he definitely has bits of me in his personality. I cannot believe how much he is growing. He is such a little musician. (WAHOO!) If he could play the piano every moment of the day--he would be the happiest kid on earth. He is good too. He learns the melody to songs very quickly (with the help of me and his ear.) To give him a little challenge, I taught him the left hand to Book of Mormon Stories and within 1 week Elijah could play it all the way through BOTH HANDS! I am such a proud mother. He is also very good at karate--taking after his dad. He follows directions in class very well and he is so coordinated. A yellow belt already and the desire to go even further.

He is also a very good big brother. Well..when he isn't picking on Ariana, that is. He takes care of her, helps around the house, and loves to play games with her. I know that he is the eldest in this family for a reason. Heavenly Father knew that Elijah would have all that it takes to endure the trial and error that goes along with being the first born. (Sorry Elijah!)

Ariana...what can I say about that little girl. When I put her in the car yesterday I found her singing, "Choose the Right!" (most of the correct words with some adaptations) and then later in the day, she was looking in the mirror having an all out conversation with the girl in the mirror. Facial expressions, hand gestures and all! She is so creative, and full of imagination! I love having a little girl. It is nice to know that we have each other and I cannot wait for the pedicures, lunches, heart ache, and love that will be shared between us. I love my mom so much and appreciate her and her experience as a woman. I hope Ariana and I will have a similar relationship in the many years to come.

The one that I have been feeling incredibly grateful for lately is Aaron. We generally don't do much "shout-outs" to each other--not because we don't care but because we know how we feel about each other. But he deserves a shout-out! Aaron is such a great provider. He works hard and puts his wants aside for the best interest of the family. He cares deeply about his children and creates memorable experiences with them. At this very moment, he has taken Elijah with him out into the cold for a fishing trip. I know Elijah loves this time they have together and I think Aaron like it too!  Aaron also looks out for others. He is quick to help and often tries to give to others that may be in need. I think one of the things I like most about Aaron is his relationship with his own family. He loves his parents and looks to them for guidance. He is respectful towards them and he is often looking after his brothers and offering a kick in the pants when they are not making the best choices.

Aaron and I have been married for 7 years but "together" for 12. We have a great relationship. I have never felt unloved or disrespected. We communicate well. While we may get if small tifts (sp?) with eachother, they are small and quickly dealt with. We work great together as a team and I appreciate that. He is encouraging when I need it and he motivates me to push myself to accomplish goals. (Even if I don't always want too!) Thank you Aaron for being a grown-up and making the tough decisions!

Thank you for listening and stay tuned for information on our upcoming addition!

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