Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ariana update

First things first...Ariana! I have been meaning to do a quick post about the arrival of ariana, and the initial "meet and greet" with big brother elijah.

December 20, 2008 (aaron's birthday) everyone is panicked about the potential snow/winter storm headed to washington state (my mother, who is staying with us, included) Because I had been having some serious contractions the night before and I was already 3-4 cm dialated my mother greets me first thing in the morning saying aaron and I needed to run to the store and purchase some medical supplies just in case she had to deliver the baby at our house (don't worry she is a labor and delivery nurse) so aaron and I head out to the store amid the snow and yuck to purchase lubricant, gloves, etc. (YIPEE!!) With my mom watching elijah we then decided to have a little "mini date" and do some birthday celebrating/christmas shopping, etc

Instead of fighting traffic, we decided to park the car and walk from store to store. So we walked, and walked, and walked... Then picked up my mom and elijah to go out to dinner (this is when the storm kicked in) We started our dinner at Tony Romas with only a little snow falling and leI ft with snow covering the cars/road. Once we got home, I noticed that I was starting to get a little bit more uncomfortable. The contractions were still coming, my back was aching and I was TIRED. So I head to the bedroom to soak in a bath while aaron settles in with his x-box for some "boy time" After my bath I attempted to sleep...at this point I noticed that I would sleep for a few minutes, wake up to a contractions, sleep, contraction...etc. After a while I realize that I should be timing. Once I stood up the contractions got harder and closer together. NO TIMING NECESSARY. With the storm in progress (and NASTY roads outside) aaron and I decide to head to the hospital nearest our house (not the one that I was scheduled to go to...) My mom, worried that we might get stuck, checks to see how far along I am before leaving the house (5 cm). Now we head to the hospital...

Aaron chains up the car, I grab our bags and together we trudge in the snow to Stevens Hospital in Lynnwood. NO ONE was on the roads, it was quiet, dark, and deserted . (11:30-ish at night) Once we arrive at the hospital, everything moves quickly. We checked in triage at 5 cm. 45 minutes later I was at 7 cm and by 3:09 am Ariana was born!! No time for the epidural (I FELT EVERYTHING)

Despite the yucky conditions outside, it was nice to have ariana the way we did. It was too yucky for all of our friends and family to come to the hospital right away so aaron and I had some nice quiet time with the baby and when morning came, aaron picked up Elijah and my mom for a quick meet and greet. Eli was AWESOME!! He came into the room and immediately asked to see "little sister" He then came and sat on my lap with the baby, gently pet her fuzzy head and gave her nice soft kisses! WAY TO GO ELI!!

Now, 2 weeks later, Ariana weighs 7 lbs 15 oz, is 20.25 inches tall and is BEAUTIFUL!! We just love her so much!


andrea said...

Congrats!I'm glad everything went well for you. she is very cute and i'm glad that Eli loves being a big brother...but watch out! that will end very quickly.

Packer Family said...

Cool! You got to feel everything!! I always hoped mine would happen like that! So how is it ajusting to 2?

sariqd said...

I am just so tickled you got your girl! Ah I love you guys so much! :)

katieanne said...

She is adorable- you are a rockstar! I always wished it would move too quickly for me to get the epi, but no sirreee- too slow... bleck... she is adorable- hope you're getting sleep!

tearese said...

I'm glad you made it to the hospital, but its nice to know your mom could've handled it. So did you deliver her breach, or had she turned?
I was at a 5 in triage and a nine by the time we were in the room,but they still gave me an epidural. I was at a 10 when we reached the room with Elora, so no epidural, but the eventual c-section resulted in a spinal of course.
Glad everything went well!