Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December is here

It is hard to believe that December is actually here. I am so excited to bring in the holiday season. Eli is finally old enough to understand/get excited about santa claus, the christmas trees, decorations, etc. Not to mention--it is a great opportunity to teach him about the nativity story.

okay...and with december comes the birth of baby #2 (hopefully). Soon my family will be a little larger and definately more chaotic!! Aaron and I are making the final arrangements for the delivery while attempting to prepare elijah for "big brother day." Big brother day will be a celebration (with cake and goodies) for elijah on the day that the baby is born.

I am feeling a little anxious, excited, nervous, terrified, etc. for this new arrival. I am so excited to finally meet this new little spirit that has been taking residence inside my belly for the last 9 months. But...I am nervous about the adjustment to two children. AND the delivery of this baby. I just hope/pray that everything will be smooth and complication free.

Wish us luck!!

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Clayton and Camea said...

Good luck! It was alot less crazy than I imagined. I don't know if that's because Evelyn was almost 3... But she was super excited to meet Stella. She's being so loveing (mostly) and only gets jealous every once in a while.

Big brother day is a great idea! We did that for Evelyn and I think that helped too.

Good luck! And hopefully soon, Congratulations!