Thursday, October 2, 2008


WHAT!!? 89 days to go? I could have sworn that I had at least 100 days before this baby is "supposed" to be born. I mean, sure...the stomach IS getting bigger and I might be down to my "every 2 weeks" check-ups with my doctor but... 89 days!! COME ON!!

No really, I am very excited that the baby #2 will be joining my family in the next 3-ish months. I just have SOOO much to do before it comes. I don't even have a name picked out. Aaron and I can't really agree on anything yet and... HOW are you supposed to choose names when you don't even know the gender. (Maybe we should just call it #2...that is not gender specific AT ALL!)

Any suggestions?

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Heidi and Ty said...

I don't know how people go with out learning the sex. More power to you! Hope you guys are doing well!!