Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First real attempt at FHE in the Lampano Household...

Now, I know that we have been asked to have Family Home Evening with our families once a week--regardless of if children are present, etc. But well, aaron and I just never got real good at doing it. He is a convert and did not grow up with that tradition and well...I don't remember doing it on a regular basis either (maybe we did and I just blocked it out)

But....with Elijah finally in nursery (a post that was supposed to happen) I realized that it would be good for us to do FHE in an effort to "train" eli for his future in sunday school classes. Right now, nursery is going great...except for lesson time where he just looses it. In his defense, if I was 18 months old, I am not sure I would want to sit still to listen to somebody reading out of a book with NO PICTURES!!!

Well, tonight we did it!! WAHOO LAMPANO FAMILY!!! WAHOO!! We had our good sit down dinner, then elijah and daddy went to bathtime while I cleaned the kitchen and then FHE. It started out GREAT! We said our prayer (which eli is getting real good at), sang songs, (also another eli.ah plus) and then came the lesson. It was almost as if he could feel it coming. The lesson I chose was about how we are made in the image of God. I started by having eli show me where all of his parts are, he seemed really excited--next I asked aaron to read one verse in the scriptures--this is where eli lost it! aaron quickly read the scripture and then I continued on with the lesson. I tried every trick in the book to keep him interested in what I was saying but, he was not going to have it. I quickly finished the lesson and then moved onto the activity. For the activity I decided Eli would have fun tracing his hand and writing a cute little message (with mommy's help of course) Just like i thought, he loved it. We did his hand, and then daddys, and then attempted mine. it was about this point that eli realized that he wanted ALL of the "colors" so in true 18th month old fashion he threw an ENORMOUS TANTRUM!

Well, tantrums do not work for mommy, so I set him down and told him that we would wait until he was all done with his tantrum and then we would finish FHE. He cried and cried--I sang happy hymns, and aaron kept making fun of the snot hanging out of his eli's nose.

I am happy to say that eventually the tantrum ended and we we able to finish the pictures, hang them up on the fridge and eat our treats but--whoa--who would have thought that FHE could be so dramatic!! WOW!


Packer Family said...

We aren't doing FHE but you have inspired me! We need to get in the habbit now before Caden can say "FHE is LAME mom!"

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Yay, I'm glad I found your blog from Sam's blogroll (this is Liz Vance). You are brave to start with Elijah so young. I think we did couples FHE till Cookie was 3. We have it almost every monday now and there are still tantrums (even from me) now and then, but it is worth it in the end.

sariqd said...

Eli? Tantrums? Nooo... say it ain't so! ;-) jk jk jk